Care Centres

Corporate Employer-Sponsored Care

Organizations are saving millions of dollars sponsoring childcare centers within their office premises. We can set-set up and run your child care centres for your company. Whether the space is big or small we can convert it into a safe creche environment and take care of baies and children up to the age of 4 years old. 

Employer-sponsored child care centres generate a powerful return on investment. By driving down turnover, reducing absenteeism, elimenates the termination of female employees on maternity and increases productivity on the job, child care and work/life programs are not only an investment in employees, but an investment in the success of your company as well as a positive adition to your employer brand. 

Whether you are planning a wedding, your company an event or function, or whether you’re looking to support your staff in their childcare needs, The Ace Nannies has you covered.   The Ace Nannies provides professional nannies and carers to hotels, businesses, and private events and functions.

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Corporate Crèche Nanny Service

Our Corporate Crèche Services are flexible and ideal for the workplace. We can offer both temporary and permanent creche staff to support working parents. Our corporate creches can provide a permanent and reliable childcare solution and our temporary Crèche staff can provide care to children during functions, events and work functions for the family. 

 Your business/company will enjoy higher engagement and attendance rates from staff with our onsite crèche service. You will find that your employees feel better supported and appreciated when their childcare responsibilities are acknowledged. 

Hotel Nannies

Our Hotel nanny service is designed to support working and travelling families and executives looking for ad hoc care or pay as you need service. Ace Nannies staff are able to carefully source a nanny to suit your family’s needs.

Event Nannies

Weddings and family events should be fun and memorable for both your adult and child guests.

 If you’re planning a wedding or family event and can’t decide if you should invite children, consider using our event sitters to provide entertainment, supervision and care of the children attending. Rest assured that our nannies will keep the little ones busy and happy.

 From any queries on the above services please get in touch with the Ace Nannie team today.

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