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Ace Nannies provides placement childcare services to children and their parents within the home and the work environment. We are dedicated to helping you find a reliable nanny best suited to your needs. We offer four different Nanny placement services to our Families and corporate clients.

Live- In Nanny

A live-in nanny cares for your child and resides within your home. A live-in nanny cares for your child and resides within your home. Live-in nannies provide flexibility and act as an extension of your family.

 Live-in nannies are responsible for all duties related to the children as well as assisting with household chores including meal preparation and running errands. They can develop or follow established household schedules and engage your children in activities to ensure their healthy development. Our live-in nannies are not house help or house keepers.

 Families tend to develop close bonds with their live-in nannies and often see them as partners in parenting whilst children develop special, trusting bonds with their

 Live-in nannies require their own furnished bedroom and their own bathroom. They get paid less than live out nannies because some of their pay is used to subsidize their rent and living expenses.


 Live out nannies care for your child but does not live in your home. Live-out nannies do the same work as live-in nannies the only difference is that they do not live with you they come every day at a specified time and finish at an agreed time.

 An After-School Nanny

 An After-School Nanny is a must have for any modern family. The After-School Nanny manages the after-school routine such as picking up the child/ren, feeding them, overseeing their homework etc. When parents arrive home from work all of the main ‘to do’ tasks of the afternoon have been completed and they can enjoy some quality time with their children.

*We ask for a minimum of 4 hours per after school nanny shift

International & Travel Nannies

This service is primarily focused on VVIP and VIP clients including Royal Families, Executive and Celebrity Families, Families of Government Officials as well as working Professional families.

We provide a travel nanny that will travel with you and care for your child whilst you work or attend to your duties. They travel nanny will perform all the duties of a nanny and travel with you as you move around. You will be responsible for their travel arrangements in addition to their pay.

Corporate and Event Nannies

Whether you are planning a wedding, a company event or function, or whether you’re looking to support your staff with their childcare needs, we have you covered.   We provide professional nannies and carers to hotels, businesses, and private events and functions.

Care arrangements vary from family to family and from client to client, we will help manage the essential details and help you find the support that meets your needs in advance.




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