who we are

Ace Nannies is a placement nanny agency based in Accra with its office on the Spintex Road. We offer nannie services to parents looking for trained nannies who can take care of their children within the home or work environment.

We offer a transparent, quality, reliable and safe child care services to our clients, whether for a temporary, part-time or permanent full-time live-in or live-out nanny service.

We have trained our nannies in the provision of child care, health and safety, confidentiality, child protection to ensure that our parents will have the peace of mind to leave their children in their care knowing they will receive quality care. We also have an on-going child development training programme for our nannies to make sure they understand our little bosses, their needs and various stages of development.

We do not make outrageous service promises we simply work hard to ensure we can provide you with the service you need as a result we work in partnership with parents to find the nanny service suited to their needs. The best part of our service is that we co-manage the nanny to ensure quality service is delivered. Additionally, if the nanny should leave we will provide you with a replacement and if your nannie should need to take leave we will provide you with temporary cover.

We operate a "ZERO TOLERANCE" policy with our nannies to uphold and deliver the professional service they have been trained to do. We also have policies and procedures for our parents to follow to ensure a smooth partnership relationship.


To provide children with quality, safe and reliable care services within the home and work environment


  • Children: Are entitled to a safe and nurturing environment with a schedule of routines that best meet the individual needs of each child in our care. Each child is treated with respect and as a valuable individual. 
  • Parents: Are entitled to feel secure to leave their children to receive quality, reliable and safe care
  • Staff: Are entitled to work in an environment which recognizes and respects their training, skills, service and commitment to child care. 
  • Service: Enhances the lives of the children and their parents by providing a caring and supportive service in the workplace, at events and occasions.  


Our values are used to guide our work and provide a high-quality service for all  

  • Passion-A commitment to providing quality childcare services to our children and their parents
  • Quality-We have a shared commitment to achieve the highest standards through clear communication, regular self-assessment, training and a focus on maximizing our value to our clients. 
  • Respect -We believe in, and value, individual and the cultural diversity of our clients. 
  • Integrity -We deliver on our promises. We are honest, responsible, accountable, and transparent. We do the right thing by all of our stakeholders.

Contact our nanny agency today to experience our caring and professional approach and we will guide you through the whole process and discuss your childcare needs with you.

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